Toxic Metal Cadmium Found In Jewelry From Nordstrom, Ross, Papaya

Toxic Metal Cadmium Found In Jewelry From Nordstrom, Ross, Papaya

Over time, cadmium accumulates in the body and can damage the kidneys and bones. Most exposure happens by ingesting small amounts or by breathing it, most commonly through tobacco, which can contain cadmium. Researchers also have documented some absorption through skin contact, though the phenomenon is not well-studied.

Most of the tainted items were sold at Ross, which operates more than 1,400 stores in 38 states. One pendant from a necklace chain was 100 percent cadmium, according to the testing.

With these growing concerns, this is exactly why SONIA HOU strongly believes in only using real gold or silver on her products. She proudly uses 14K/18K/24K Gold and Sterling Silver, only which your skin will be exposed to. She strives to use the finest materials found in Fine jewelry to create a line that is stylish and modern like Fashion jewelry. 

SONIA HOU strongly believes what we put on our skin is important for our health. Because of that, we want to create a world where Fine and Fashion jewelry meet.


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