How To Clean 18K Gold Vermeil Jewelry

Learn how to easily clean your 18K Gold Vermeil jewelry to keep it looking shiny and new forever! 


Because 18K gold vermeil jewelry consists of a sterling silver base, the piece will inevitably tarnish overtime. Silver reacts to moisture and chemicals in the air such as sulphur - the same way how it reacts to perfumes and lotions on our skin - so it is a completely normal and natural reaction. 

But don't worry, they are super easy to clean to keep it looking brand new. The best part? It only takes 10 seconds! 

Here's our secret tip: We use Connoisseurs Silver cleaner. All you do is dip your 18K gold vermeil jewelry in the silver cleaning solution for 10 seconds, and rinse in water. It will instantly look bright, shiny and new! Yes, it's that simple - click to buy below.

Now, you might wonder why we would use a silver cleaner when the exterior is 18K gold. Because the tarnishing is caused by the sterling silver base, not the 18K gold.

We have tried using gold liquid jewelry cleaner, and it does not remove the tarnishing.

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