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 minimal ring stacking and necklace layering gold jewelry by sonia hou

By: Katie Pierce

Over the past few years, more and more people have embraced jewelry—and not just to complete their outfits! They also use rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings to create a signature look. One that's entirely theirs. 

Jewelry isn't just an afterthought anymore. It's not something you throw in at the very last minute. After all, wearing the wrong piece might make your whole ensemble look disorganized and forgettable. 

While you can definitely create your own trend when it comes to jewelry, knowing what’s en vogue at the moment will give you fresh, new ideas that you can incorporate into your style. Want to know what’s going to be in for the rest of this year? 

Read on below to find out! 

Layering Necklaces Minimalist Look

It’s All About Maximalism 

During the early 2010s, we as a society adored minimalist everything! It was all about keeping it simple and clean, from interior design to architecture. That even manifested in the way we accessorized. Think dainty earrings and thin chains. These pieces of jewelry add a touch of sophistication. However, they were barely there!

This year, the complete opposite of minimalism is taking over. So polish your knowledge about layering jewelry because that's what maximalism is about!

More is more now, so when you think enough is enough, add just a few more pieces for good measure. For example, if you're wearing a watch, don't forget to stack a few bracelets alongside it. As for your neck jewelry, you can easily create an eclectic look by layering pendants, chains, and necklaces. 

Don't leave your ears bare! Combine studs and multiple hooks to create a unique ear stack. Maximalism lets you create a distinctive look that’s entirely yours, so don’t be afraid to mix metals and colors. There’s absolutely no right or wrong way to style this trend, so go all out and be your most creative self!

Be As Playful As You Can Be 

If you’ve got playful pieces lying around somewhere in your room, now’s the time to dust them off! The more playful your jewelry, the better. 

Go all in with unusual styles such as candy-colored beads and watches with cartoon characters. You can even use that smiley face pendant you kept from when you were in high school!

Bulky jewelry is also a trend that you should watch out for. So get your massive necklaces, rings, and bracelets! Adding some of these elements together will give you a youthful and fresh look.

Color is another thing that will continue to be a big deal this year. Bring out jewelry with eye-catching hues that bring a touch of joy and sparkle to your ensemble. Think lush emeralds, fiery rubies, or the deep yet piercing hues of lapis lazuli or turquoise. If those are way out of your price range, why not try demi-fine jewelry? Just remember to choose pieces with colors that will light up your face and complement your skin tone. 

Be Bold, Shine Bright 

In line with the maximalism theme, statement pieces are back in style! It's reminiscent of the 70s and 80s fashion when people rejected delicate jewelry in favor of shamelessly bold statement pieces. 

People want to dress up and just have fun while discovering their personal style! Do the same by wearing colorful earrings or a striking sculptural ring. 

Adding a Personal Touch 

Personalized jewelry is one of those trends that keeps resurfacing—and for a good reason! Adding your personal touch, whether through the clothes or the jewelry you wear, never goes out of style.

If you'd like to try this trend for yourself, think of wearing bracelets, rings, and necklaces that express who you are. This can come in the form of birthstone jewelry, pieces with your zodiac sign as the highlight, a necklace engraved with your name, or a dainty piece with your initials on it. Any of these items can add an air of sentimentality to your look. 

However, much like any accessory, personalized pieces can quickly fade and tarnish without proper cleaning. So remember to practice proper jewelry care to keep these accessories for a long, long time.

convertible earrings

Jewelry For All Occasions 

When you've got a casual gathering to attend and then a fancy party right after, wouldn't it be nice to have versatile jewelry that you can modify just by detaching a few pieces? 

Transformative jewelry does just that! For example, a heavily layered necklace can be made lighter by removing some of its chains. The same concept applies to earrings and bracelets. 

So, if you want to look casual during the day and elegant at night, add some transformative pieces to your jewelry collection!

Get Ready to Shine in 2022 and Beyond! 

Whether you’re going to try something outside of your comfort zone or stick with time-tested and classic looks, what’s most important is that you’re confident and happy with the ensemble you’ve carefully crafted. 

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