3 Best Demi-Fine Jewelry Brands

3 Best Demi-Fine Jewelry Brands

What does a girl do when she can't afford fine jewelry but can't wear cheap costume jewelry due to tarnishing and allergic reactions? The answer is in the industry's newest category called demi-fine jewelry.

There has been an explosion of demi-fine brands creating pieces that bridge the gap between costume and high-end jewelry.

What Is Demi-Fine Jewelry?

Demi-fine jewelry has been the latest emerging trend of accessible luxury.

Typically with fine jewelry, you see pieces made out of precious stones and metals with larger price tags, while costume jewelry uses cheap metal alloys and has prices below $100. Demi-fine jewelry merges these two categories by creating pieces made with 14K, 18K, or 24K gold plating paired with semi-precious gemstones and are offered at moderate prices.

In recent years, there has been a rising class of demi-fine jewelry brands that have taken over our Instagram feeds, and we have compiled the top 3 best demi-fine jewelry brands.


Founded in 2012, Sonia Hou jewelry is one of the earliest brands to venture out into the demi-fine jewelry space. Her modern, trendy pieces have been worn by many celebrities - including Joey King - and featured on CNBC, PEOPLE, POPSUGAR and NBC's TODAY SHOW. The best part? Her pieces are affordably priced at under $100.

The brand's rise in the cultural zeitgeist can be attributed to her most popular demi-fine jewelry piece called the FIRE earrings, made of 24K gold and semi-precious gemstones. They were famously known to bring people good luck and worn by Olympic U.S. Figure Skating female athletes during the Winter Olympics '18. Most notably, U.S. Figure Skater Mirai Nagasu wore them while achieving her historic triple axel - she became the 3rd woman in U.S. history to land a triple axel at the Olympics. POPSUGAR credited Sonia Hou's FIRE earrings for bringing Nagasu good luck, and considers them a part of U.S. History.


Sonia Hou is one of the best Demi fine jewelry brands

 Photo Credit: Sonia Hou


Based in London, Missoma is also one of the early birds who have carved into the demi-fine jewelry space. While this brand has gained popularity on Instagram recently, they have actually been around since 2008. Founded by Marisa Hordern, Missoma has a big celebrity following, including Megan Markle and Kaia Gerber. Like Sonia Hou, Missoma is known to have 18K gold and silver plated pieces that are stackable,  and perfect for mix and matching to create your own personal style.

Missoma jewelry

Photo Credit: Missoma 



There is a newcomer in this demi-fine jewelry market - Uncommon James - which is founded by TV personality, celebrity Kristin Cavallari. The brand just launched its first ever demi-fine jewelry collection with real, ethically sourced round cut diamonds around the $200 price point.

Kristin Cavallari wearing Uncommon James jewelry

Photo credit: Uncommon James


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